A Tokyo Cafe Just Launched These Standing Sleep Pods

It costs less than $6 to take a half-hour nap in one!

Flickr/Nestlé Japan
Flickr/Nestlé Japan

If you thought falling asleep while standing was impossible, you might want to think again.

Coffee shop Nescafé in the Harajuku district of Tokyo in Japan just launched standing sleeping pods (courtesy of Giraffenap) to give guests the opportunity to secure a delightful power nap. You heard that right. No lying down, and no horizontal mattress—just a shower box-looking pod that fits you vertically.

Technically, though, you're not just standing there. The pods are equipped with pads and holders that allow sleepy guests to comfortably "vertically sit" inside, resting their knees, arms, and head. According to one TikToker, who took it upon themselves to show the experience in a viral video posted on their profile, "it looks awful but apparently it's designed to give you the best power nap."

The pods—which launched last week and are available only until September 17—come in two different styles, and guests can opt for either a space-themed experience or an immersive forest one. The first kind of pod, dubbed Spacia, flaunts a more design-forward and futuristic aesthetic, while Forest is all about wood and cozy nature feels. Once inside, sleepyheads can customize their nap experience with dimming lights, pads and holder heights, power outlets, and even ventilation.

After your nap, get ready for a little treat. The staff is supposed to come and wake you once your time is up, and they will greet you with a nice cup of coffee.

Reaching the sleepy hotspot is pretty simple via public transportation, too. Nescafé Harajuku is located a couple of minutes away from Harajuku Station's Takeshita exit. The coffee shop is open from 11 am–8 pm every day, and prices start from ¥825 (less than $6!) for a half-hour nap session.

For more information and to book your nap (though drop-ins are welcome), you can visit this website.

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