Watch These 2-Year-Olds Have The Most Epic Slumber Party Ever

Published On 03/18/2017 Published On 03/18/2017

This is what really happens when toddlers have a slumber party. Two-year-old twins named Andrew and Ryan had a doozy of an evening when they should have been sleeping in their family’s New York City apartment, as the duo made forts and turned their bedroom into their own midnight party palace.

The boys’ parents Jonathan and Susana Balkin captured the spectacle on their Nest home recording device. The footage has been sped up to accurately characterize the whirlwind of the evening. Since being posted on Facebook earlier this week, the video’s conjured a viral storm, earning 8.3 million views and 84,000 shares.

You basically have to see it for yourself:

After using every inch of space in their bedroom, both the boys’ parents come in to clean up the mess. The twins then share what looks like a heart-to-heart on the couch before climbing back up into their cribs and nodding off to slumberland.

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