Netflix Went Down for Two Hours and People Lost Their Damn Minds

Netflix down Luke Cage

Marvel's new show Luke Cage hit Netflix over the weekend and the deluge of binge watchers looking to be among the first to see it buried the streaming service. Netflix went down for over two hours. That's a relatively short amount of time, but in the minds of TV addicts jonesing for their fix, it was an eternity.

Netflix acknowledged the outage on Twitter in an attempt to calm the villagers storming the castle with torches and pitchforks. They eventually got things going again before the Earth split open and swallowed civilization whole. 

Here's a taste of just how close the world came to ending Saturday when Netflix went down. 

Viewers eventually got back on and continued to absorb the latest story of Hell's Kitchen's superheroes without capes. Luke Cage takes the titular hero, aka Power Man, played by Mike Colter, into Harlem for his first solo story. Cage previously appeared as a side character on Jessica Jones, and he'll eventually reconnect with Jessica as Netflix continues to work those two shows, Daredevil and the forthcoming Iron Fist toward The Defenders -- where the four of them team up. 

If a massive outage happens again, don't panic. Instead, check out this list of "Luke Cage" comics you should read to get ready for the new show. Or panic. Your choice. 

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