Netflix Made a 12-Hour Video of Stranger Things' Dr. Alexei Slurping His Slurpee

Attention Stranger Things fans, especially those with an appreciation for ASMR: Netflix has, for some reason, released a 12-hour video of Dr. Alexei sipping on a Slurpee.

You have likely finished Season 3 of the series by now. You have likely not been going back to this Slurpee scene and rewinding every few seconds for 12 consecutive hours, but now you don’t have to do manual labor if that’s something you’d enjoy. 

To summarize the video, the Russian scientist is loudly sucking on his straw. At :10, his mouth opens a bit more. Then this repeats, again and again, with “Cold Comfort" by Orchestra Heinz Kiessling playing dreamily in the background. I dare true fans to watch through and confirm the lack of plot twists.

One fan in the comments asked for a 24-hour version. Another is upset that the video is technically only 11:58:35. The user “snuff films” said “9 hours in, I have to shit, I'm hungry, I think I lost my job, my cats dead, and my legs are numb…”

Netflix captioned the video with, "To honor our Slurpee sipping hero, we are pouring one out for our pal. Sip along!" Like most captions for random and whimsical internet content, it doesn’t really explain the point. 

But Season 4 is coming, so I guess that’s the point. Fans of the show are already talking about what’s to come, including what the post-credit scene means for the future of the show

And me, a not Stranger Things fan? I’m over here manually replaying all the Ruby Rose smiles in Orange Is The New Black. Y’all are lucky.

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Ruby Anderson is a news writer for Thrillist.