Netflix Is Hiring a Flight Attendant to Work on Star-Studded Trips

Think about the A-list passengers!!!

ICYMI, Netflix is more than just the streaming platform behind your fave binge-worthy series. Surprise! The company also boasts an aviation arm that is now hiring flight attendants to work out of San Jose in California, Simple Flying reports.

According to the website, Netflix is on the hunt for an FAA-certified and trained flight attendant to work on a super-midsize jet (like the Gulfstream G550). In addition to, you know, normal flight attendant duties—think: pre-flight checks, emergency equipment prep, and so on—there are additional responsibilities because you're working with a private operator. You will help with baggage loading and work a more diverse schedule of domestic and international flights, for example.

Because of the VIP nature of your travelers (yes, you might have actors, actresses, and Netflix execs aboard), the role requires a certain level of discretion and professionalism. According to the listing, flight attendants will also be required to attend meetings in Burbank. The compensation range is between $60,000 and $385,000 and hinges entirely on experience and other factors. 

"As a Netflix Flight Attendant you are expected to embrace our culture, which places a strong emphasis on operating with Freedom and Responsibility, with independence and a lot of self-motivation," the company said in a statement. "This is a lead position for a Northern California-based Flight Attendant, and the right candidate will be professionally trained in cabin and passenger safety and aircraft emergency evacuation."

You can apply on the Netflix job board.

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.