Your Dream Job Has Arrived: Netflix Is Hiring Someone to Binge-Watch TV

Netflix Job
<a href="">Twin Design</a> / Shutterstock
<a href="">Twin Design</a> / Shutterstock

It doesn't get much easier than this: Netflix is hiring someone to binge watch shows on Netflix. Yes, that's a job and, to think, you've been doing it for free all these years.

It's just a part-time gig, but the "Kids Content Tagger" position only requires that you to watch a bunch of TV — which can be done in your pajamas from home — and tell Netflix about it. The job posting doesn't say how much it pays, but it's a pretty straightforward gig otherwise.

Netflix says the main duties are determining "which content belongs in Kids profiles and how it evolves as kids grow up, and... tagging Kids shows and movies with an eye toward accuracy and consistency."

To get the gig, the listing says it helps to have "extensive knowledge of kids TV shows and movies," a "passion for and authentic interest in kids television and movies," as well as a "comfort learning and applying a complex categorization system to kids titles."

You've no doubt seen those oddly specific Netflix categories in your own browsing when it tells you that you're interested in "Family Dramas in Space With a Strong Female Lead." For kids shows those categories might be more along the lines of "Magical Forest Adventures With a Strong Anthropomorphic Feline Lead."

If you're up the challenge of binge-watching kids shows for 15 hours a week, you can get more information here. Tell Sid the Science Kid hello.

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