Here Are All the Secret Category Codes Netflix Doesn't Give You

Netflix Screenshot

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By now, if you're like the ~1 million people to read about Netflix's hidden features, you're well on your way to better streaming. And if you haven't -- well, you should keep up with Wil Fulton and Thrillist in general. Then we keep getting paychecks and you keep having whimsical articles to read while you're bored at work! Win-win!

In any case, one tremendous help that's only briefly outlined in that piece -- those secret genre codes. They're not really a secret, per se, but Netflix doesn't make them so easily accessible. But fear not, Internet reader. Some other kind Internet soul has done the legwork for you. Redditor uberw00t compiled a list of all the codes, while redditor ophello cleaned up the list and alphabetized it. It works like this: you type in this address:[IDCode]

And replace the [IDCode] with the corresponding ID number in the list provided.