Netflix Now Has Walking Tours for Some of Your Favorite TV Shows

You'll be able to see where some of the most iconic filming locations.


Netflix, known for giving you many reasons never to leave your couch, wants you to get up and actually leave your house. The streaming giant announced that the company would be launching walking tours in three major European cities to tour the filming locations of some of the service's most popular shows.

The From Screen to Street walking tours will take place in Paris, London, and Madrid. In each city, you'll be able to tour the backdrops of some significant shows. In Madrid, see where Elité, Cable Girls, Money Heist, and Valeria filmed. In Paris, tour the streets where Emily in Paris and Lupin filmed, and also learn the broader role of Paris in cinema history. Finally, in London, there will be a feast of shows and specials to get a behind-the-scenes look at. Anatomy of a Scandal, Bridgerton, Enola Holmes, The Crown, and Top Boy were all shot in the city.

"Great stories transport us to places we've never been, immerse us in cultures far from our own and pique our curiosity about the world around us," Netflix's website states. "Netflix and Sandemans New Europe share the same passion for great stories that can inspire travel and learning about other cultures, so for one week this July, we have partnered for a series of exclusive free guided walking tours that share the history and details about these amazing cities. Discover must-see locations from Netflix shows and films and unveil behind-the-scenes insights from filming."

The tours will only run for one week in July, between July 11 and 17. You'll want to book now if you plan on attending any tour because, according to the site, they are all partially booked already. But the great news is that the tours are free, so if you're in the area, this is one way to round out your itinerary and feed your inner super fan.

Book and find out all the details on Netflix's website.

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