Firefighters Deliver Pizzas, Then Help Deliver a Baby During a Wild Shift

It was a busy shift this past Saturday for the Truckee Meadows Fire Department in Reno, Nevada. But instead of fighting fires or rescuing kittens from trees, the Washoe County-based crew was busy with deliveries, and not of the Christmas variety. Instead, the firefighters were hard at work with... pizza deliveries and a baby delivery.

The night began with a routine dispatch to attend to a car accident, where the driver unfortunately had to be hospitalized. It was only upon arrival did the emergency crew realize that the car was carrying boxes of pizzas that were en route to their final destinations and made a selfless decision in the name of pepperonis.

"They were still warm and we got the wild idea that somebody needs their pizza," Captain Brett Porter explained. The crew was able to piece together receipts and make deliveries of all the Round Table pies. "I guess we are emergency personnel, and not getting your pizza could be an emergency to some people." I second that. 

Following the pizza deliveries, a call came in around 4am about a woman in labor. Again, the crew made their way over. Porter commended paramedic Jose Rodriguez for his assistance, who was even photographed carrying the newborn, and noted that both mother and child are healthy. 

"My crew was awesome," Porter said, adding that "they're great at their jobs."

I mean, if you recognize the direness of a pizza delivery, and then follow that with a baby delivery, awesome becomes a bit of an understatement. 

h/t: 10 News

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