This Stargazing Train Just Released Tickets for One of Its Popular Treks

The Nevada Northern Railway will take you out to go stargazing.

stargazing train ride 2023
Courtesy of Northern Nevada Railway

Stargazing is easy. Just find some dark skies and look up. Though, it can be kind of nice to have someone take care of the part where you find your way to dark skies. The Nevada Northern Railway can take care of that part of your next stargazing trek.

It has opened up tickets for one of its popular stargazing treks, some of which sell out in just days when they go on sale. The Sunset, Stars, and Champagne Train brings adventurers into the wilderness for a gorgeous sunset, followed by stargazing opportunities under dark skies.  Also, as the name implies, champagne is involved.

The train takes off from Ely, Nevada, heading toward the Steptoe Valley, a beautiful setting for sunsets and stargazing. Though, whether or not there are clouds present the train runs on each date. If the weather isn't cooperative, it could impede your ability to see the wonders beyond our atmosphere.

The tickets that went on sale on September 15 are for its many trips in 2023, ranging from May 18 through September 16. Each ticket includes a glass of champagne, and there are snacks and drinks available for purchase. Getting some drinks, scenery, and a luxurious train ride is a pretty decent way to go stargazing. 

Ready to go stargazing?

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