117 New Emoji Are Coming This Year, Including Foods, Faces, and a Cockroach

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It's kind of hilarious to imagine the emoji brainstorm meeting, especially now that we're able to see the 117 new emoji characters coming to your devices later this year. Don't get me wrong, some of them are so incredible they'll make you cry (one is literally a Smiling With Tears Face) -- the new emoji include gender-inclusive characters in tuxedos and dresses, people hugging, bottle-feeding fathers, and more. But the new batch is funny because, among the important symbols of our progressive time, are a toothbrush, plunger, and worm. 

Worm aside for a sec, I am positively tickled to announce that the emoji 13.0, previewed this week by Emojipedia.com (see the video above), will be available on devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android phones later this year (likely fall). Many of these additions are overdue, like the Transgender Flag and symbol. These changes were sort of expected, though, because last year's emoji update already demonstrated a clear, socially progressive shift. The 2019 update focused more on racial inclusivity and representing people with disabilities. 

But the 2019 update also included a stick of butter. While the exact science behind choosing emojis is unclear, 2019 certainly wasn't a "big year for butter." And now, as we look at the lineup of new additions, one is left to imagine someone in the brainstorm standing up and saying, "It's high time we had a single olive emoji," and someone else, inspired by the contributor's genius, standing up and saying, "lest we forget a cockroach." 

Regardless, we're very happy to see that gender expression and equal parenting are taking center stage this time around. According to the Unicode Consortium, the new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in September/October.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.