These 37 Fun New Emojis Will Jazz Up Any Text

Apple users are about to get 37 exciting new emojis, like a melting face and a lip-biting one.

Visual China Group/Getty Images

You're either the kind of person who peppers their texts with emojis, or you're not. But if you're in the former camp and somehow feel like there just aren't quite enough emojis to adequately express how you feel, you're in luck. Apple users are about to get a new batch of emojis, including a melting face and lip-biting one.

The new iOS 15.4 is set to include 37 new emojis as well as variations of emojis that already exist. The updated operating system is currently still in beta. Unicode, a non-profit corporation that standardizes texting software internationallytweeted out a teaser of some of the emojis included in the update. There will be several new hand emojis, a life preserver, a bird's nest, a hand-over-mouth emoji, a saluting emoji, and more.

Other updates included in iOS 15.4 beta include the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask—a long-awaited update. Apple's Universal Control feature will also roll out on iPadOS and MacOS. The feature allows users to work between Apple devices without interruption.

MacWorld speculates that 1OS 15.4 will be available in February. 

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