Finally, Facebook's Changing All Those Annoying Posts You're Tagged In

If you have enough friends on Facebook, you've likely been tagged in somebody's promotional photo, or at the least, in a status you've got no interest being part of. And then that shows up on your timeline. It's annoying. But Facebook's finally doing something about it.

As first reported by Social Times, the social media giant is testing out a new feature that would allow people to "discreetly notify" their friends about posts without tagging them. Basically, you can press this "notify a few friends about this post" button and notify up to 10 friends about a post in a private way, which won't send that post to anyone's timeline. The feature is not being tested in the US yet, but a reader of Social Times claimed he saw it on his Facebook. Facebook then confirmed the test to Social Times saying:

"When you make a post that is particularly interesting to certain friends, you want to make sure they see it. Instead of tagging friends in the post or the comments section, we’re testing a more discreet option to alert them of your post by sending them a notification."

Ideally, this will clean up Facebook posts so they don't have all those people tagging their friends in the comments section. Also, it should give users more control over what's posted on their Facebook page. And sure, if you have "Timeline Review" turned on, you're able to review tag posts before they show up on your timeline anyway. But, this eliminates the need to review anything, which means there's one less step to deal with. 

This feature has one huge catch, however: Your friends have to use it. Facebook called this an "option," implying the old method of tagging will still be around. That'd mean your friends could still tag you the normal way if they don't know any better, or if they're just being jerks. Sorry. Your friends might be jerks.

No word on when/if the new feature will roll out. But, this does seem to go hand-in-hand with Facebook testing out temporary Facebook posts that won't appear on your personal timeline, which also gives users more control over what's presented on their pages.

Now here's to hoping your friends aren't jerks. 

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