Move Over Wordle, Phoodle Is Here Now

It's the word puzzle foodies have been waiting for.

People love to try their hand at word puzzles, from the New York Times Crossword puzzles to Words With Friends to Wordle. The latter took the logic-loving world by storm in January 2022. But if you've since grown tired of Wordle, now you can play a similar, food-focused game called Phoodle. 

Cookbook author Julie Loria created the new web-based food game, and it's simple to play. All players have to do is guess a food-related term, from appliances to famous chefs to ingredients and more. But each guess is crucial because players only have six tries to guess five-letter words. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

Loria told Food & Wine that she's loved word puzzles since a young age, and that her "passion grew from simple word-search puzzles to more complex crossword puzzles." Loria also shared that "creating Phoodle was the ultimate puzzle challenge, and I've loved every minute of it."

Another thing that's pretty nifty about Phoodle and separates it a bit from Wordle is that it gives players fun facts about food, tips on cooking, and a surprise weekly recipe all of which relate to the Phoodle word of the day.

The new game is already gaining some steam from none other than Martha Stewart. The internet's auntie did get some heat after posting the day's answer earlier this week, though. Stewart captioned the photo saying, "If you want a new word game to play, and who does not! try Phoodle. Live today. lots of fun especially if you love food!!!!!!"

If you're just catching up on the new puzzle trend and don't want to miss a day, don't worry. A new Phoodle will be available each day.

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Janae Price is a News Staff Writer at Thrillist. She's a native New Yorker and loves all things cheese, K-pop, and culture. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @janae_larie.