Check Out All the New Features Google Is Offering Travelers

The new search features can make your trip more sustainable, efficient, and fun.

The internet has completely changed travel. And it's not just how we book it, but how we experience it as well. Between searching for the best restaurants to visit and what is a must-see in your area, search engines have become an essential part of the travel experience. Google has released many new features for users on the go, with everything from more ways to find food locally to helping you make the most sustainable and efficient choices on your trip.

With the new features, you'll become even more of a travel specialist than you already are. Google has a new multi-search feature for finding food locally that will allow you to search using images and text simultaneously. You'll be able to search for an item of food through a photo of it and then be able to find a restaurant near you that offers that very dish. For example, you are in Paris and have a ton of images saved to your food mood board on Pinterest that you want to try. But, if you're not sure where you can go to actually try the food, use multi-search, and you'll be able to locate plenty of options nearest to you.

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Another food-related feature is the machine learning feature coming in a few months, which will give an even more comprehensive review of the restaurants you're searching for. Instead of just a rating, Google will also be able to let you know what makes the restaurant stand out from its peers. Additionally, you'll also have access to new digital menus on search, which will guide you through a restaurant's most popular menu items and highlight dietary needs.

All these new features will help you choose a restaurant on your next trip. This brings us to the next set of features available in Google Maps.

You can now view landmarks from around the world in an immersive view, so you can see the landmarks in multidimensional views and get information about weather and traffic. There are now 250 photorealistic aerial views of landmarks all over the world. You'll also be able to use Live View, which allows you to search your area for things like ATMs, coffee shops, grocery stores, and transit stations simply by lifting your phone and scanning the area. The feature will start rolling out in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo.

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You'll also be able to search the most popular spots in different neighborhoods, with the ability to get a general idea of what an area is like based on AI-gathered reviews from Google users. The feature will be called Neighborhood vibe.

Finally, you'll be able to make more sustainable decisions while traveling more easily. You'll now be able to book train travel in certain countries simply by searching your starting point and destination and the word "trains." So, for example, you could search "Berlin to Vienna trains" to find tickets, prices, and schedules in one result. Right now, the train feature is available to a few countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy, and Japan, and will be expanded more in the future.

So, the next time you go and travel, you'll have a new arsenal of tools at your disposal.

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