Man Sets Fourth Guinness Record for Speed-Eating Spicy Peppers

And he recorded himself doing it.

The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper on the market, packing a scalding 1.5 million-plus Scoville Heat Units, and yet, some people insist on tasting them for the challenge. One of those people is Mike Jack of London, Ontario, who recently set his fourth Guinness World Record for speed-eating spicy peppers—this time, he downed three Carolina Reapers in a record time of 9.72 seconds.

Jack technically set the record back in November, but Guinness only recently posted a video of his success online. The video shows Jack hustle to chew the peppers, then hold up a spit bucket as the heat starts to overwhelm him. "It feels so good and hurts so bad at the same time," he says.

Jack is no stranger to fiery foods, but this is the first world record he's set involving the Carolina Reaper. His past three involved bhut jolokia chilis, also known as ghost peppers. He holds the record for fastest time to eat three bhut jolokia chilis, most bhut jolokia chilis eaten in one minute, and most bhut jolokia chilis eaten in two minutes.

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