A New High-Speed Train Route Will Soon Connect London and Paris

A new train company just announced its entry into the market.

Eurostar won't be monopolizing the market for much longer—Evolyn, a new train company, just officially purchased 12 trains for its newest route connecting London and Paris, Reuters reports.

"It would be the first time, after 30 years of Eurostar's monopoly, that a competitor has entered the market," an Evolyn spokesperson told Reuters. Apparently, there are no external oppositions to the new entry—Getlink, the Channel Tunnel operating company, told Reuters that the tunnel has "open access" and it is well equipped to support more rail traffic. According to Getlink, the tunnel could even get to support double the current levels.

As per launch date, Evolyn said in a statement that it is planning to launch the new train service in 2025, but it also added that services won't be fully operational until 2026, Sky News reports.

Once service between London and Paris begins, passengers can expect nonstop rides between London St Pancras International and Paris Nord, Railway Gazette reports. However, additional stops in northern France might be added at a later date. For now, this is the only route Evolyn has planned.

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