The Next iPhone Might Be Bright Red

Maggie Rossetti/Thrillist

It’s been a rough month for Apple. Following a spate of battery glitches that have caused numerous iPhone 6 and 6s devices to prematurely power down, the company has recently been accused by Chinese officials of producing phones that randomly explode, because combustible electronics are very popular this year.

But what better way to eclipse the bad news than with a pretty color? According to the Japanese Apple website Macoakara, the tech giant will up the ante on its next batch of iPhone 7 and 7s phones by including a red model when shipments begin next year. Yes, a vibrant red phone to forget that your battery sucks and that everything you knew about headphones is now obsolete.

Macoakara sites a supplier in Taiwan as the source of the update, reporting that the design of the new iPhone 7 and 7s would remain the same. According to Gizmodo, Macoakara often makes good on its conjecture, noting that its sources have been right about forthcoming iPhone colors in the past. If true, it’s a bit of a divergence from what’s been percolating in the Mac rumor mill regarding the iPhone 8, which is expected to come in an all glass format, with at least one version eschewing an LCD screen in favor of an OLED screen.

Anyway, Apple is clearly thinking of the simple pleasures here, even as it’s handing out free battery replacements to iPhone 6 customers like candy.

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