This New Tool Will Help You Find the Exact Cheapest Time to Travel

Kayak's just-launched planning tool aims to help you avoid those busy travel season price hikes.

Any time you are planning travel, the number one piece of advice you'll receive is to be flexible with your booking dates. Travel costs can rise dramatically depending on exactly when you're traveling and where you are going. And listen, it is sound advice that I've given before. But sometimes, you don't even know what you don't know.

Enter Kayak's new tool, which promises to tell you the best time to travel based on your desired destination. Aptly named the Best Time to Travel Tool, you can input where you want to go, where you're traveling from, and how many days you want to spend traveling, and you'll be given the data so that you can book your trip at the best price.

"By adding data points like projected crowds and weather forecasts into the trip planning process, travelers can make more informed decisions about where to go and when while also anticipating the associated costs," said Matt Clarke, Kayak's VP of North America Marketing, in a statement. "We've all asked ourselves 'Do I book now before prices go up, or wait to see if they go down?' With the launch of Kayak's Best Time to Travel tool you are no longer left guessing, we're using our data to give travelers the information they need to make decisive actions and ultimately simplify the planning process for everyone."

The steps for using the tool are pretty simple:
Step 1: Enter your destination - learn the best month to go
Step 2: Narrow down your travel dates
Step 3: Time your booking window to maximize savings

There are over 280,000 routes to choose from, so you could spend an entire afternoon just experimenting with various trip plans and fantasies. Head over to to explore the tool.

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