Monopoly Kills the Boot, Introduces the T-Rex and Other New Tokens

Published On 03/17/2017 Published On 03/17/2017
New Monopoly pieces
Monopoly | Dustin Nelson

If change upsets you, you'll want to close your eyes. The day has finally come. After going on mostly unchanging for almost 80 years -- save for special editions, a cat, and a few early changes -- Monopoly is officially changing its iconic game tokens.

Throughout January, Monopoly hosted "Monopoly Token Madness" and allowed fans to vote on what the new game tokens would be from a list of 63 possibilities. You could vote to keep beloved classics like the Scottie dog and the thimble (ranked no. 1 on this ranking of Monopoly tokens) or you could vote for fresh faces like a smiley emoji. You could not, however, vote for Boaty McBoatface.


Until Thursday, Monopoly had only revealed the thimble was being given the boot after holding strong as a part of the game since 1935. Today's unveiling of the new tokens confirms the death of two more long-beloved tokens. The boot is getting the boot and so is the wheelbarrow. The departure of the dated icons means the battleship (introduced in 1935), the Scottie dog (1950s), the racecar (1935), the cat (2013), and the top hat (1935) all remain.

Hoping to move into fancy new digs on Park Place will be a T-Rex, a penguin, and a rubber ducky.

The next generation of Monopoly will officially be released this fall. So if you can't enjoy the game unless you play as the boot, you need to get yourself those good, soon-to-be vintage tokens now. That's the only way you'll be able to offer a tip of the top hat as those old tokens take a racecar down the Boardwalk, past Go and into the setting, um, battleship?

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