Here's Where You Can Try the Seaweed-Based Bacon from 'Shark Tank'

The newest thing in plant-based protein is here.

Courtesy of Umaro

Ah, bacon… The crispy, salty, chewy meat is incredibly versatile and could be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But those who recently caught Umaro Foods' appearance on Shark Tank know that there's a new, plant-based bacon made entirely from seaweed on the market that's set to bring bacon to a whole new place.

The new alternative protein is made entirely from red seaweed. According to the Berkeley, California, start-up, the plant-based bacon is "delicious, crunchy, and meaty." The brand also states on its website that in supporting one of the most sustainable protein sources in the world—seaweed—the goal is to "make a food system that supports a thriving planet and demands the humane treatment of animals."

Right now, getting your hands on the hottest new thing in plant-based protein may be a bit of a challenge unless you live in one of three cities. Umaro Foods' seaweed bacon was launched in partnership with San Francisco's Michelin-starred Sorrel Restaurant, New York City's Egg Shop, and Nashville's D'Andrews Bakery and Cafe. Those three restaurants are the only locations fans will be able to get the bacon for now.

Don’t fret yet, though. According to Umaro Foods, the brand is expanding quickly, and soon, the newest invention in plant-based protein will be at a store (not under the sea) near you.

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