This Epic New Norwegian Restaurant Is Basically 'The Menu' IRL

A viral TikTok showcasing an incredible new restaurant is raising the internet's suspicions.

A new gorgeous restaurant located in the middle of the Hardanger Fjord in Norway just went viral on TikTok, but not exactly for the culinary reason you'd think—or better, not only because of that.

Located inside the floating Salmon Eye experience center, the high-end restaurant, dubbed Iris, literally floats in the middle of a body of water. According to the TikTok, a boat that is 100% electric picks up guests by the shore and then cruises them to the much-coveted fine dining destination. Does that ring any bells?

If the answer is yes, it's because you've seen a very similar version of this in a movie—and one that doesn't end particularly well, at that. In 2022, the horror movie The Menu was set exactly like this. Spoilers ahead! Diners would take a private boat to an incredibly renowned, exclusive, and Michelin-starred restaurant located on a secluded island, but instead of enjoying a flawless meal, they'd be catapulted in a cult-like scenario revolving around fine dining, where the ultimate goal of it all would actually be collective death.

TikTokers were quick to notice the similarities between the two restaurants too, and the comment section is a treasure trove of entertaining jokes and highlights. "['The Menu'] be like," reads one of the most-liked comments. Other users gave it an even darker twist, referring to the orb-looking shape of the Salmon Eye. "It's giving 'The Menu' x Titan Sub," they said. Thankfully, other comments opted for a lighter and more playful vibe. "Okay beautiful idea but I've watched this movie so… Do y'all Doordash?" one comment reads. The similarities were also not lost on YouTuber Alexander The Guest who just posted a detailed video about his recent experience dining there.

Jokes aside, Iris looks gorgeous and futuristic, and the dishes from chef Anika Madsen flaunt a minimalistic yet creative appearance, the one that is typical of award-winning dining destinations. According to the TikTok, the experience comprises 18 courses, and the views are magical. Inside, thanks to it being part of an experience center, an immersive experience of videos, sounds and lights welcomes guests in, and sets the vibe for a memorable dinner.

Upon entering, guests are greeted with a short movie about food waste before the first course. That isn't a casual choice—the restaurant's menu revolves around this concept, too. As Fine Dining Lovers reports, the menu centers on ingredients from the sea and it focuses both on sustainability and the challenges of the global food system. So don't worry, it's very unlikely that you'll end up like The Menu's characters—that would be very bad for the environment!

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