People Are Mercilessly Mocking the New Seattle Seahawks Logo

seahawks new logo reaction
Shutterstock/Twitter Screengrab
Shutterstock/Twitter Screengrab

Week 1 of the NFL regular season has arrived, and the Seattle Seahawks have unveiled a new alternate logo. It's a twist the team's classic bird logo. It's seen from the front, and that's a perspective capable of making animals look a little unfamiliar. 

This logo is no exception. 

The team unveiled the logo on Facebook, writing on Tuesday night, "For everyone who's ever wondered what it would be like to ... stand face-to-beak with a Seahawk." It maintains the team's color scheme and is basically the same bird that's seen in profile in the primary logo. But it is indeed what it'd look like to stand "face-to-beak" with the old logo.

The logo was immediately dragged on social media. Some of the jokes make you see the logo in a way you may never be able to unsee. Will you ever get the comparison of this bird with Mr. Burns out of your head?

Here are a few of the best reactions to the logo unveiling. 

However, not everyone hated the new look.

It's not the first time the team has taken on an alternate logo, as noted by Forbes. There was a previous one that was rarely used and had far less in common with the team's primary logo. It just kind of faded away at some point. There are plenty of people hoping that's the trajectory for this new "face-to-bird" look as well.

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