The Newest Drink on Starbucks' Permanent Menu Drops Tomorrow

Courtesy of Starbucks

Nearly a year after launching the widely popular Flat White, Starbucks is continuing its caffeine-powered focus on signature espresso drinks with the addition of an all-new, espresso-forward beverage to its permanent menu -- the Latte Macchiato. The new drink launches on Tuesday, January 5th, in North America, Canada, and some stores in Latin America, according to a Starbucks press release

Just like the Flat White, the new Latte Macchiato consists of just two ingredients: milk and espresso. But what distinguishes the drinks -- and results in two distinct flavors -- is how your barista crafts them. Specifically, the Latte Macchiato is made by slowly pouring full espresso shots into a larger layer of free-poured steamed whole milk that Starbucks said should remind you of meringue, ultimately creating a signature dot of espresso on top. 

Starbucks describes the Latte Macchiato's unique flavor as, "[A] burst of bold, roasty espresso in the first sip, which is then softened by creamy steamed whole milk," while it describes the Flat White as having "a sweet and balanced flavor, combining ristretto shots of espresso with velvety steamed whole milk." In other words, the Latte Macchiato isn't just espresso-forward in taste, it's espresso-first.

So, if you're into simple, no-frills espresso drinks and want something a little more robust than the Flat White or a regular latte, this is the way to go.

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