There's a New Way to Eat Takis

The chips come in a new shape but with the same kick.


Takis are one of the most flavorful, crunchy, hot chips available on the market, which has earned the brand a loyal following. Aware of the love, Takis has given consumers multiple ways to experience the beloved chip. You can have Takis tacos, and Takis pizza rolls, and even unofficial Takis merchandise.

Now, Takis is going back to basics and unveiling a new shape of the classic snack. The chip is being unrolled and made into a stackable potato chip, kind of like a Pringle, and packaged in a cylindrical tube. The packing is designed with on-the-go snacking in mind.

"At Takis, we're always looking for new ways to disrupt the salty snack category, and the launch of our Takis Crisps is doing exactly that," said Sandra Peregrina, the Marketing Director of Salty Snacks for Barcel USA, in a press release. "We keep a close pulse on what consumers are hungry for. In today's busy world, we hear our fans loud and clear—they have a serious appetite for portable snack options."

The new Takis Crisps are available at stores nationwide.

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