United Airlines's App Now Features a Game-Changer for Disrupted Flights

The new tool acts like a digital agent in case your travel plans are disrupted.

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Photo courtesy of United Airlines
Photo courtesy of United Airlines

The next time your flight is canceled, delayed, or otherwise disrupted, forget about waiting in line to speak to an agent and getting even more frustrated in the process. As long as you're flying United, you won't have to do any of this.

United is introducing a new mobile app feature that is aimed at making your life much easier in case of cancellations or delays. The new tool acts like a digital agent, and provides you with solutions without you asking. After notifying you with travel disruption updates, it automatically presents you with personalized rebooking options, information on your bag tracking, and even meal and hotel vouchers when eligible.

The airline says the new feature is part of its efforts to consistently invest in new digital solutions for its customers. It was originally beta tested last year, and United found a positive response in passengers who dealt with the new automatic "digital agent." Plus it was a win-win situation, too, as this reduced the number of people standing in line, making it easier for in-person agents to assist customers as well.

It works like this. When your flight is delayed by more than 60 minutes or canceled, you either get notified via text with a link or you can access your flight information directly in the app. Then, you can check your flight and rebooking status, and you can also look at other flight options and book those if they work better for you. If you wonder where your bags are, you can track those, and most importantly, you can view eligible vouchers for hotel, meal, and/or rideshare. If you need to solve additional problems, you can even connect directly to a United customer service agent virtually via call, text, or video chat.

"Our goal is to get our customers to their destination on time, but we know things don't always go as planned and that's when a tool like this can make a real difference," Linda Jojo, chief customer officer for United, said in an official statement. "Our new mobile app feature offers more transparency, saves time and reduces stress for our customers, and it shortens lines at customer service desks so our employees can better assist passengers with complex issues or questions. Plus, it's another example of United's continued investment in new technology and tools."

And if you don't have the United app, don't fret. You can access the feature on United's website as well. For more information and to download the app, you can visit this website.

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