Tripadvisor Is Now Giving Out Travel Style Tips, Too

Take a quiz to help you pack the perfect suitcase for your next vacation.

Tripadvisor has partnered with Stitch Fix to launch a new tool that will help you pack outfits that will actually make sense for your big summer vacation. As someone who has personally suffered through the anxiety that is mispacking—I manage to dress myself every single day of my life, yet when it comes to doing the very same task while traveling, I find myself incapable.

Now, you can take a very cute quiz engineered by Tripadvisor and Stitch Fix, who will become your official Travel Style Advisors. (The fun TSA!) The quiz asks you questions like where you plan on vacationing, what kind of activities you like to do most, and what best describes your personal style. The quiz was inspired by increased search around summer travel packing advice.

"With the majority of our clients planning to travel this summer, we’ve seen a clear spike in clients asking our stylists for style advice for their summer vacations," Jenny Herr, Stitch Fix's head of fashion and trend, said in a statement. "With nearly half (46%) of clients saying they are willing to spend more on travel this year and two-thirds (66%) no longer taking travel for granted, the top trend for summer vacation is exploring new places, whether that’s close to home or abroad."

Stitch Fix has advice and specific recommendations with styling trends broken down into the categories: "Moonrise Kingdom," "Sophisticated City Slicker," "Countryside Comfort," "Beachcomber," and "Mediterranean Holiday."

"The majority of clients (52%) are likely to wear the Beachcomber look—a key trend for this year," Stitch Fix's Style Forecast predicted. "Beachy styles will rule in 2023 as tropical prints and breezy fabrics continue to be integrated into everyday wardrobes – and over half (57%) are going for 'vacation vibes' when building their perfect vacation wardrobe."

Take the quiz and get your travel advice over at

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