This Reporter Can't Stop Laughing About an Emu Named George

With the laundry list of things that can go wrong on live TV, uncontrollable laughter is pretty tame. But it's hard to rein in once it starts. That was the case for an ABC news anchor in Upper Peninsula Michigan, who simply can't deal with this emu. 

An emu broke free from some place in California and was wondering the small town of Valley Springs. Or maybe it was already free and just strode into town aimless and confident like Charles Bronson. It's a ridiculous situation. The laughter feels justified. 

But the way it develops, it's not totally clear that the reporter is laughing at the emu. It's possible she's laughing at the emu spotters in Valley Springs. Everyone is perplexed about the giant bird. One man even gives the bird a name. "I don't know if it's male or female," he says, "but we named it George."

Worries about whether or not George will walk into a garage gave the anchor enough giggles to make a weird segment feel surreal. "For now," she says, "George is free to roam the small California town. Authorities in the area are asking people to keep an eye out for a giant bird." There's a fair chance that's a direct quote from Follow That Bird

There's also a chance that the anchor saw herself in the camera and wondered why their broadcast looks like a skit from Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job.

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