Because You Missed It All, Here Are the Best News Bloopers From October

Published On 10/31/2016 Published On 10/31/2016

Every month the News Be Funny Youtube channel compiles the best live news slip-ups from the prior month. Those range from weird weather stories and teleprompter typos to simple, uncontrollable laughter. (Though the October roundup doesn't include Halloween bloopers because those were just collected in their own separate video filled with terribly mean on-air pranks.)

Highlights this month include a weirdly long weather report from a man wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume. It limits his ability to extend his arms, so he's only able to kind of vaguely motion toward various weather patterns with muffled descriptions of what's happening along the eastern seaboard. It has that weird quality of starting off a bit dull and getting funnier the longer it pointlessly carries on.

And at the end of this month's compilation, a new team is crippled by a technological malfunction that freezes the screen behind them and won't allow the cameras to move. The newscaster on air attempts to awkwardly get out of the situation and winds up sounding a bit like Parks and Recreation's Perd Hapley.

Watch the video above, then check out September's roundup

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