PyeongChang 2018

Local News Confuses PyeongChang 2018 With ‘P.F. Chang 2018,’ All Hell Breaks Loose

The Winter Olympics occur every four years, but despite the event's infrequency and massive prominence, a local news station managed to confuse the host city of this year's games with a fast casual Chinese restaurant during a live broadcast. 

Chicago's ABC affiliate, WLS, displayed a banner that read "P.F. Chang 2018" instead of "PyeongChang 2018" during a live broadcast over the weekend. The latter, of course, is the mountainous South Korean county that's currently playing host to the 2018 Winter Olympics, while the former is a well-known purveyor of lettuce wraps and wholesome family vibes. 

It wasn't long before palms were smashed into foreheads, and criticism quickly followed on Twitter, where images of the foible spread like wildfire.

A WLS spokesperson toldThe Chicago Tribune the graphic was originally intended for a satirical piece that aired last Friday. But in a major Anchorman-level snafu, the erroneous headline ran on Saturday, during a segment about political tensions between South and North Korea. 

Like any enterprising restaurant chain, P.F. Chang's pounced on the unexpected attention:

American coverage of the Winter Olympics has gone off without a hitch, otherwise

[h/t Chicago Tribune]

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