Newscaster Brings Homemade Treat for Co-Hosts and It Goes Horribly

A recent holiday segment on a Canadian news channel might have been a spot of performance art aimed at reminding us of the virtues of sharing and forgiveness. Traffic reporter Leslie Horton shared some homemade artichoke dip and pretty quickly needed to ask for forgiveness from her co-hosts. 

It should have been clear to her coworkers from the top of the segment that this wouldn't go well. Sharing the dip required way too much explanation. And once they tasted the dip, even their polite Canadian sensibilities couldn't stop them from wearing utter revolt on their sleeves. 

It then turns into an amazing call and response.

Taster 1: At first I'm like, 'It's not that bad,' but.. the vinegar.
Artichoke chef: But there's no vinegar!
Taster 2: That's, like, all that I can taste.

Artichoke chef: It's artichoke dip, but something went terribly wrong.
Taster 2: It burns. The vinegar burns.
Taster 1: There's no vinegar!
Artichoke chef: There's no vinegar. Do you think something is off?
Taster 1: What did you do?!

The segment was a part of a week-long series where Global News anchors shared family recipes, but this one appears to be a family secret that should have been kept locked up. "It was just another kitchen experiment gone wrong for me," Horton told Global News after the segment, "but this time my co-workers were, unfortunately, subject to my free-wheeling in the kitchen."

She also noted the dip is usually good when her sister makes it. "She wants everyone to know the recipe was not at fault, it was operator error on my part," Horton said. If you feel like rolling the dice, the recipe is up on the Global News site.

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