This Japanese Wonder Elixir Claims to Cure Your Hangover

Published On 10/26/2015 Published On 10/26/2015

Only a solution as delicious and efficient could have come from our buddies Japan. A new hangover cure has arisen and -- forgive the hyperbolic language -- you won't believe what it's made of!

Clams. 70 clams, actually. This new canned miso soup from Nagatanien may be the most satisfying, albeit salty, way to quell the pain of a hangover. Why? Ornithine, an amino acid found in clams that may improve hangover symptoms and ease the pain from sake bombs. 

Not only does eating clams enhance liver function, but the ornithine also detoxifies harmful substances from the body—a method that has been practiced for centuries.

One article, who we surmise was written by someone with a Japanese friend, reports the company's awareness of the usefulness of their product "at the top right of their soup-in-a-can is the company’s endorsement of their product as a hangover helper; a cute cartoon image of a person with a beer glass that says, 'For the alcohol-loving you.'"

The stuff costs around a dollar and will be available only Japan (for now) in train station vending machines and convenient stores. Still better than Crab Juice

Ancient Japanese secret, huh?!

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and isn't impressed--he's been eating 70 clams a day since he was a baby.



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