The World Cup's Best Meme Got Turned Into a Ridiculous KFC Commercial

Neymar Jr. is the next incarnation of Pelé. He's Brazil's only undeniable superstar at the 2018 World Cup. He's also an Oscar-level actor capable of giving Daniel Day Lewis a run for his money. His theatrical dives have given rise to the best meme of the tournament so far.

Since fouls on Neymar usually prompt the attacker to writhe and roll on the ground in pain, videos of his antics are now the inspiration for a KFC commercial in South Africa (shown above). Although the commercial is airing a continent away from Brazil, KFC has done a tremendous job in alienating a country that treats Mr. Neymar like a god. 

For context, observe the requisite Neymar response to a challenge: 

His over-the-top reaction provided much meme fodder, and the results have largely been excellent. It's become a stand out amid a crop of popping balloon and player-hitting-himself-in-the-face memes. 

Brazil play Belgium on Friday at 2 pm in a quarterfinal matchup that is sure to see many players kick at Neymar's shins. Perhaps he'll roll himself one step closer to the trophy that eluded Brazil four years ago. 

h/tSports Illustrated

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