This Player's Dramatic Reactions Might Be the World Cup's Most Memed Moments

The World Cup has produced excellent memes like Batshuayi hitting himself in the face, the giant red balloon, or the cutaways of Senegal coach Aliou Cissé. Monday's match between Brazil and Mexico may have produced more reaction on social media than any of the prior events.

Brazil's Neymar Jr., one of the world's best forwards who put up a goal and an assist in Monday's 2-0 win, had a very dramatic reaction to an incident. Mexico's Miguel Layun stepped on Neymar's ankle about 20 minutes before full time. Players wear cleats, so it probably hurt. Maybe not "run over by a truck" levels of pain, but, you know, ow. You can see the original incident in the tweet above, and then a little more of the reaction below.

However, Neymar had a very intense response and people on social media felt pretty strongly that Neymar was selling it a bit. Combined with a very long roll Neymar took the prior game, there have been a lot of Neymar memes tumbling around social media. Here are a few of the best. 

Neymar was okay and finished out the game. He probably won't spend too much time wringing his hands about any memes since he's marching forward toward the World Cup Final. Additionally, with two goals and two assists in the tournament, he's among the most productive players at the World Cup this year.

Neymar and Brazil will face Belgium on July 6.

h/t Time

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