The NFL Doesn't Want You to Have a Harambe Jersey, but the Internet Found a Way

Harambe NFL jersey
<a href="">Mat Hayward</a> / Shutterstock / SG

ESPN's Darren Rovell discovered something Wednesday that was guaranteed to get citizens of the internet fired up. He discovered that the NFL is now blocking fans from purchasing jerseys with nameplates that say "Harambe," the name of the now famous Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that was killed over the summer when a child fell into its pen. It has since become a meme that refuses to die a peaceful death.

Rovell's revelation was quickly confirmed by the social media team with the New Orleans Saints.

There's some irony to it since NFL players have embraced the meme. For instance, as the Minnesota Vikings ran onto the field Sunday in their first game of the season, players huddled and yelled, "Spoons out for Harambe."

The social media team for the Minnesota Wild of the National Hockey League (NHL) quickly responded with a screencap of a Wild jersey with "Harambe" on the back. Proving the NHL... well... that they probably just don't sell as many jerseys.

It was actually the Saints social media team that highlighted, with a little creativity, you can still get that $300 jersey tribute to a dead gorilla you've always wanted. Put "HaramBAE" on the back and you're in business.

That's a purchase you'll never regret. 

Another mourner discovered that putting "RIP Harambe" on the nameplate will work as well.

If the NFL can learn anything from the Cincinnati Zoo, it's that it's not worth fighting memes. The internet always wins.

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