NFL Players Doing Their Daughters' Hair Is The Best Super Bowl Ad Yet

By any gauge imaginable, being an NFL player is pretty tough. It requires physical gifts, playbook study, and a tremendous work ethic. Being a dad, on the other hand, well, doesn't quite require that confluence of genetics and tenacity -- but by no means is it easy. And that's what makes this series of TV spots for Pantene great.

Scheduled to air during Super Bowl 50, the ads, uploaded by Pantene to YouTube, feature NFL players DeAngelo Williams, Benjamin Watson, and Jason Witten, all attempting to style their daughters' hair. An NFL tight end like Watson or Witten knows exactly what "Spider 2 Y banana" means when the quarterback calls a play -- but really, does a 260lb behemoth know what "braided pigtails" and a "ballerina bun" really require? That's the true test of a man.


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Featured in two videos, each with a respective daughter, Williams must first tackle twisted pigtails, then later, the Princess Puff. Watson has to conquer the braided pigtails, while Witten must execute the ballerina bun.

The videos are pretty damn adorable, even if you're a crusty old man whose only interests involve football and beer. There's nothing wrong with that stuff. But there's nothing cooler than seeing the human sides of the guys you see in shoulder pads every Sunday, knowing even they might cower from the hair-pulled glare of a 6-year-old.

Watch all four on Pantene's YouTube channel, and look out for them during the big game this Sunday.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He likes DeAngelo Williams more the more he sees of him. He's also an unabashed Steelers junkie. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.