Reporter Hit in the Head With Football on Live TV Handles It Like a Pro

Reporting live is always hazardous. You could crash a scooter, be swarmed by lemurs, or get blown about by an imaginary gust of wind. The list is pretty much endless, and here's yet another entry: a football to the dome. 

NFL reporter Melissa Stark was giving a live pregame report before the Los Angeles Chargers and Tennessee Titans game in London on Sunday, when she was pegged in the head with a football like she was being bullied on a playground.

As you can see in the clip, Stark handles it with about as much grace as is humanly possible when struck unawares in front of millions of people. Just a few seconds pass before she says, "Oh, OK, nothing like live television. I'm OK." Then she picks up where she left off and keeps reporting, like a true pro. 

Not long after that, Stark says, "I'm really not in a good area here -- I'm gonna wrap this up." You can hear her colleagues laughing as she adds, "I'm really taking one for the team."

And even more to her credit, she posted a slow-mo GIF of the collision to Twitter with the caption, "Hurts more every time I watch it....literally NEVER happened in 20 years covering NFL ...London, I’ll never forget you!!"

May we all have the grace under pressure of Melissa Stark. 


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