The ESPN Fantasy Football App Went Down and People Are Losing Their Minds

ESPN Fantasy Football app crash

It's the first Sunday of the NFL season, so fantasy football has reached its fevered apex. Drafts are complete and rosters have been constructed according to whatever magical hex fans believe will win them a small amount of their friend's money. It makes for a perfect storm of anger should any small thing go wrong — like the ESPN Fantasy Football app crashing. And that's just what happened Sunday. 

At the 1pm ET kickoff on Sunday, many couldn't log on due to malfunctions with the app. ESPN acknowledged the problems around 2pm ET and as of 4pm ET hadn't yet sorted out those issues, despite the first batch of Sunday's games approaching their conclusion.

ESPN is one of the most-used fantasy football platforms, and with the wild popularity of the game and the limited number of weeks in the football season, the vitriolic response online was predictable. The anger was loud and abundant as fans scrambled to figure out if their fantasy team, the only team that matters, was winning the week.

Get a look at some of the reactions below. 

And no sporting moment would be complete without someone turning it into a Crying Jordan...

And a few people got real with the moment because sometimes you're better off not knowing how the week went.

Here's hoping your first week of fantasy football is going better than ESPN's. 

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