Here's How to Win a 6-Month Supply of Ice Cream

And this isn’t just your average ice cream, it's low-calorie ice cream.

Courtesy of N!ck's
Courtesy of N!ck's

Ever think about how great it would be to win a bunch of free ice cream? You wouldn't need to run to the store to stave off late-night ice cream cravings because everything you want would be in your freezer. Ice cream brand N!ck's! wants to make that scenario a reality by rewarding one lucky fan with six months worth of ice cream—and some free concert tickets.

N!ck's is a low-calorie Swedish ice cream brand that's relatively new in the states. To celebrate summer, the brand is dropping a limited-time-offer flavor, Chilly Mango, which is a mango ice cream with a hint of spice and a sweet strawberry swirl that's keto-friendly with no added sugar, nine grams of protein, and only 240 calories per pint.

The Swedish ice cream brand isn't only giving fans a yummy new flavor. The brand has teamed up with Grammy-Award artist Zedd to sweeten the new flavor launch. From now until June 30, 2022, fans will be able to enter a sweepstakes to win a six-month supply of Zedd's favorite N!ck's pints, plus two tickets to the Dj's upcoming LA show, Zedd in the Park.

Entering to win the sweepstakes is simple. All fans have to do is enter their email address and phone number here. Getting a ton of ice cream and winning free Zedd tickets has never been so easy.

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