Nikon Is Streaming Its Online Photography Classes for Free Through April

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Media Whalestock/shutterstock

Without a little camera training, 12-year-olds with portrait mode can easily put your DSLR pictures to shame. But most photography courses are as expensive as they are invaluable. Even Nikon's online courses range from $15 to $50 dollars per class. Or, they did--Nikon just made them free.

Now through the end of April, the Nikon School Online is offering 10 classes for free. These classes cover topics like content creation, "exploring dynamic landscape photography," and pet photography. 

"Nikon’s mission has always been to empower creators," the camera company wrote on its website. "In these uncertain times, we can do that by helping creators stay inspired, engaged and growing."

To stream the courses, click the video at the top of the website, enter your name, email address, and country, and start streaming immediately.  

The classes range from 15 minutes to a little over an hour. Other classes include "Hands-on with SB-5000 Speedlight," "Environmental Portraiture," and "The Art of Making Music Videos." I'm particularly excited by the last class, and hoping to make a quarantine music video for the song "Evacuate the Dance Floor" by Cascada. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.