Nintendo Is Bringing Back the NES Classic and Boosting SNES Classic Production

Edited - Courtesy of Nintendo
Edited - Courtesy of Nintendo

Even after the complete nightmare many experienced attempting to get Nintendo's NES Classic Edition late last year, old-school gaming fans have so far faced a similarly tough time securing the company's latest retro console, the SNES Classic, after pre-orders started in late August. But on Tuesday, Nintendo announced two huge pieces of good news: the NES Classic is coming back and SNES Classic production has been extended into 2018. Really. You might actually get your hands on one now.

Due to "incredible demand" for the SNES Classic, Nintendo said it will continue production of the console into 2018 instead of cutting off shipments at the end of the year as it had previously planned. The company also promised a significant increase in stock of the SNES Classic when it officially hits stores on September 29. The $80 miniature gaming system features 21 classic games you probably played sometime in the '90s, including Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, and Final Fantasy III. Stores such as Walmart, GameStop, Target,  Amazon, and Best Buy will get regular shipments of the machine, according to a press release.

Perhaps the biggest news, though, is that the NES Classic Edition is coming back from the dead. Nintendo officially discontinued the mini console in April, but the company said it plans to restart production of the mini consoles next summer and they'll return to stores sometime after that. So far, there's no specific release date, but rest assured that you may actually get an NES Classic after all.

Or should we call it the NES Classic Classic?

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