It Sure Looks Like Nintendo Is Launching an N64 Classic Edition

Nintendo has been on a bit of a winning streak lately. Not only has the Switch been a runaway success, but people are already chomping at the bit for the release its SNES Classic console, and its similarly miniature version of the NES was so popular that it sold out in minutes (that is, when retailers could manage to restock). Now, it appears the company may be readying yet another nostalgia play, after an eagle-eyed Nintendo fan spotted a trademark filing application for what may be its next mini console release: the Nintendo 64

According to documents first spotted by a user on the video game forum NeoGAF, Nintendo filed four trademark applications related to four different gaming controllers on July 18. The documents reveal the controllers in question to be for the NES, SNES, Switch, and the 1996 N64. This is in no way a confirmation that Nintendo plans to release a mini version of the N64 classic, packed with classic N64 games, but it sure does raise some questions. 

Perhaps the most compelling and revealing detail here is the type of graphic being trademarked. As pointed out by other neoGAF forum users, its style appears to match that of the controller graphics featured on the top of the NES Classic and SNES Classic packaging (check out the top of the box in the photo above). However, big tech companies often trademark and patent things they never intend to make in an effort to protect themselves from competition, which may be the case here (or who knows, the trademarks may be for something else entirely). Though considering the SNES Classic console was long rumored to follow the NES Classic, and that proved to be true, there is reason to put some faith in this speculation about the N64. If a N64 Classic does get announced and hit the market, expect stock to be slim and availability limited (that just seems to be how Nintendo handles these things).

It's tough to know exactly what is in Nintendo's pipeline, so for now the best you can do is brush up the GoldenEye 007 cheats and hope for the best. 


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.