A New $1,500 Monthly Pass Will Cover Your Rent and Unlimited Flights

Here's how the new "Nomad Pass" from Frontier Airlines and Landing works.

Remote work and rampant, unregulated capitalism that's guaranteed to continue ushering in great tragedies have delivered another innovation of the modern age: a pass that will cover the costs of unlimited flights and a fully furnished place to stay, almost anywhere in the US.

Landing and Frontier have partnered up to launch the just-announced Nomad Pass, which will pair Frontier's GoWild! Pass with unlimited stays at Landing's fully furnished apartments through their Standby membership.

This pass is designed for people who have the flexibility to live and work from any city, and can make changes to their living arrangements on the fly. The GoWild! Pass allows Frontier passengers to book unlimited flights—but the caveat is for most flights you have to book the day before for domestic flights and within 10 days before for international flights. A new feature of the pass does allow you to search for flights further in advance by using the GoWild! search filter on the Frontier website.

Landing's Standby membership also has a last-minute component built into it. You can move into your new place in as soon as 48 hours, but you could also be asked to move out of the furnished apartment and be given as little notice as three days. Independently, the Standby pass starts at $1,495 a month, and the cost includes Wi-Fi, utilities, furnishings, and 24/7 support.

The new Nomad Pass will cost the same as the starting Standby price and will include a Frontier GoWild! subscription, which retails for $149 per month. The GoWild! Pass includes the cost of the flight, but customers still have to pay $0.01 plus taxes and fees on each flight. The same fees will apply for the Nomad Pass. The only limitation of the pass is that you cannot book homes in New York or California as part of the Nomad or Standby Pass.

A noteworthy feature of the Nomad Pass, which differs from the Standby Pass, is that no matter where you stay, the cost of the pass won't change based on location. That means your rent is going to cost $1,495 wherever you are (and will include monthly flights). At that price, you'll be spending $200 less than the average cost of monthly rent in the US, which currently stands at $1,702 according to RentCafe. 

"Nomad Pass combines two innovative product offerings across living and travel, and they couldn't be more complementary," said Russ Brodmerkle, chief marketing officer at Landing, in a statement shared with Thrillist. "It's tailor-made for people embracing a flexible lifestyle and the ability to travel frequently – we're proud to partner with Frontier to deliver the ultimate adventure at an affordable price."

So who is this unlimited travel service for? And is it actually a good deal? Well, Landing operates in more than 375 cities, and Frontier has more than 720 different routes—so it's great for people who really want to explore a wide array of places. If you were doing this with a partner, you'd still need to buy an additional GoWild! Pass—but it does seem most seamless if you're traveling solo. The critical component of this being a great deal hinges on being able to move quickly and make last-minute plans, which can be complicated if you are trying to book two seats on a last-minute flight.

Based on Landing's own FAQ, the Standby program is best for people who live minimally, don't have pets or children, and who can work remotely. Landing also has requirements and a screening process before you can become a member. "Landing requires a 640+ credit score for Standby. Students, recent graduates, and international applicants may apply with a cosigner," the website states. You can pay for the pass month to month—so, if you're in between leases this is also a great option for a few months.

As part of the launch of the pass, Landing is also launching a three-month-long sweepstakes. New Nomad Pass members will have the chance to win a free six-month pass by posting on social media. The way to enter? As a Nomad Pass member, post on main feeds (not stories!) on Instagram or TikTok from different cities using the #NomadPass, @HelloLanding, and @flyfrontier tags. Every post from a new city will count as a new entry, and Nomad Pass holders will have the chance to enter between February 8 and May 8, 2024. Landing will pick one winner randomly from TikTok and one from Instagram.

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