Here's How to Win a Free All-Expenses-Paid Trip to Snowy Colorado

Noosa yoghurt wants you to enjoy the winter season.

The winter season is officially in its full bloom, and noosa yoghurt wants to ensure you make the absolute most out of it.

Noosa yoghurt, the whole milk yogurt brand, is giving away a Snow Day In-A-Box prize pack to a few lucky customers, and one lucky winner will even get the chance to go on a $15,000 all-expenses-paid snow-centric trip in Colorado, noosa's home.

All you have to do is enter the ruffle for a chance to win. Starting today, February 6, you can visit this website and submit your entry. If selected, you'll receive the noosa Snow Day In-A-Box featuring all necessities and essentials for an amazing snow day. Inside the box you'll be able to find custom noosa gear, games and activities, and even noosa coupons.

One lucky snow lover will also be selected to receive noosa's Snow Day Getaway Sweepstakes. Noosa will fly you and up to three friends or family members to Colorado, and the prize trip will include a three-night stay at a gorgeous property, a stipend to book mountain excursions and activities, and a large supply of noosa yogurt and frozen yogurt gelato.

"At noosa, we are passionate about living life to the fullest and embracing opportunities that allow us to break out of the mundane routine and experience a joyful adventure - even when you're stuck at home on a snowy day," Clint Mickel, general manager at noosa yoghurt, said in a statement. "By reinstating the nostalgic snow day, we are encouraging our fans permission to embrace the simple pleasures the winter season has to offer."

For more information and to submit your entry, you can visit this link.

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