These High Schoolers Made Memes Out of Their School ID and It’s Brilliant

Picture day usually sucks. It's stuffy as hell, there's lots of standing around waiting in line, and everyone puts a whole lot of effort into looking nice for their annual ID card, only for the resulting photo to actually be glaringly, laughably bad. High school seniors at North Farmington High School in Michigan, however, have a memorable class-wide tradition that does away with ordinary school ID photos -- replacing them with hilarious meme-inspired imagery. 

Instead of ties and chiffon blouses, the seniors use pop culture-centric props and costumes for a line of memorable student ID cards. Even better? It seemed like their entire class was in on the prank.

There were Disney-inspired photos:

As well as tributes to famous musicians.

Many students referenced TV and film moments. 

And there were, of course, memes.

It's not the first time students at North Farmington High pulled these kind of shenanigans for their photo IDs. 

"This is a tradition at North, so we go viral every year," Therese Diakovasiliou, a student who opted to dress as one of the creepy twins from The Shining, told the Detroit Metro Times. "The senior class went viral for the past three or four years." Diakovasilious estimated that over 90% of her senior class -- roughly 300 students -- participated in the lighthearted prank.

High school is assuredly not the best four years of life, but at least these students will have a keepsake of the time they completely nailed their photo IDs. Kudos for the school for being chill, too.  

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