You Can Sleep Under the Northern Lights in an Igloo Frozen Into a Secluded Lagoon

It's a dream vacation to be sure.

northern lights vacation
Courtesy of Off the Map Travel
Courtesy of Off the Map Travel

Even if you don’t love those wanderlusty travel pics that populate Instagram, they can be deeply alluring.

Off the Map Travel puts together unique travel packages for travelers who are looking for something a little special, something off the beaten path. It has announced a new package that includes the opportunity to sleep in a glass igloo frozen in a secluded Icelandic lagoon. It's the perfect perch to hunt for the northern lights without even needing to throw on a coat.

northern lights igloo
Courtesy of Off the Map Travel

The private tour from Off the Map sports the "igloo boats" as a highlight of the five-day, six-night trek. Those igloos are only accessible by boat or all-terrain vehicle, depending on the condition of the lagoon. They float on the water during warmer months and freeze into the ice during the winter.

The Private Glacier Lagoon Adventure--one of a handful of treks it has in Iceland--is crafted to maximize the opportunity to spot the northern lights as you spend time near Vatnajokull glacier in a dark part of the Fjallsarlon glacial lagoon in southern Iceland. It doesn’t come cheap but is a luxury experience with a guide available at all times to recommend trips and excursions like a private glacier hike.

northern lights igloo iceland
Courtesy of Off the Map Travel

The igloos are in a secluded part of the country but still tout a double bed, bathroom, wi-fi, and access to hot drinks. There is also central heating, so your potential view of the northern lights can be cozy. The trip is available from January to March, a prime time for aurora hunting in Iceland, for $8,799 per person for a two-person trip. That includes all accommodations, a private boat tour with Champagne and lunch, a guided trip to special locations, a private guide and drive, and a daily breakfast.

It costs more than that staycation you were thinking about, but it aims to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

iceland igloo vacation
Courtesy of Off the Map Travel

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