Hurry, Flights to Europe Are as Low as $99 Right Now


There are a lot of great places to travel to this year outside the high-school-Euro-trip circuit, and plenty of them have prices that are steadily falling. But there's a reason people go to Europe, even if it's not the most original option, and the greatest hits are often the greatest hits for a reason. Right now, you can get to Europe for under $100, so originality be damned, go eat a croissant or something. 

This blessing comes via Norweigan Air, which is throwing a huge sale to celebrate the new year with flights for as low as $99. The sale will you get you to the likes of London, Edinburgh, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. For the record, this isn't a Europe-only sale, but the most striking deals are for those trips. Cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Boston seem to have the most options, but cities like Austin and Las Vegas also have flights to London, so it wouldn't hurt to check if your city is on the list.

All travel is between January 14 and March 31, which is a pretty wide window to find a time that'll work for you. But you should move fast. While the sale technically goes until 12am ET on January 18, fares like this aren't going to last very long, so you should be texting your travel buddy pretty much right now. 

You can get a direct one-way flight from New York or Boston to Dublin, for instance, for just $99. If you're willing to pay just a bit more, you can get from those cities to Paris for $129. But make sure to check return flights though. If you book for under $100 on the way there, but pay $400 to get back, this won't be much of a deal.

Also, note that Norwegian Air is a budget carrier. Conde Nast Traveler points out that that could mean paying $90 each way to check bags, plus up to $45 for meals. And if you're not booking non-stop flights, you'll be paying these fees for each segment of your trip. So make sure to sort by non-stop flights.

So if you didn't listen to us above and haven't texted you designated travel buddy yet, do that now. Get that damn croissant.

h/tConde Nast Traveler

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