Hurry: You Can Get $190 Flights to Italy Now

Unless you've been living under a rock, acres away from the nearest wifi-hotspot, you've probably caught wind of Norwegian Air's price slashing frenzy. The discount carrier is doing one helluva job offering negligible fares from all over the United States to prime destinations in Europe, occasionally for the laughable, double-digit price of $99

The bargain flights to Europe's cultural epicenters keep coming: According to Scott Keyes, the guru behind Scott's Cheap Flights, Norwegian has winter flights to Rome from Newark, Oakland, and Los Angeles, available from December through March 2018. What's more, if you're flying from the east coast, the airline will jettison you across the Atlantic for $190 (one way) and $360 (round-trip). Flights from the west coast will run about $420 round-trip. The actual proof is on Norwegian's website, where the eye-watering fares should compel you to break out that checkbook. 

The carrier is also making a name for itself by offering budget trips from the midwest and south: Earlier this week, the airline announced direct flights from Chicago and Austin, Texas to London, some of which only cost a $175 pittance.  

Like all of its other deals, the paltry fares only apply to Economy class, which tacks on additional charges for baggage and meals. But if you're looking for an active getaway, it might be worthwhile to consider packing light and living out of your backpack for a week. Or you could just head out west to Hawaii this winter, as you'll be destined to save either way

In any case, move fast, because the discounted rates are sure to be sold quickly. 

[h/t Conde Nast Traveler]

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