Quick, Roundtrip Flights to Sweden and Norway are Under $300 Right Now

With summer slipping away faster than you can find your flip-flops, it's probably nigh time to consider planning for the cruel onslaught of winter. That said, the changing of seasons doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Case in point: Norwegian Air is back again with an abundance of ridiculously cheap roundtrip, non-stop flights to Scandinavia, some of which are coming in for under $300

First noticed by the cheap airfare mavens at Scott's Cheap Flights, the deals span several cities, with flights departing "from late October through March 2018, including Thanksgiving on some routes," the company wrote in an email alert to subscribers today. Some of the more eye-popping fares are springing up in unexpected places like Las Vegas and Florida. For instance, January fares are currently dipping to $281 for roundtrip flights from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Oslo, Norway. Direct flights from Los Angeles to the Norwegian capital are also coming in for $342 at the start of the new year.

But if you'd like to witness a different side of the Scandinavian region, tickets to Stockholm, Sweden are also dirt cheap. Scott's Cheap Flights points to fares currently listed from various cities on the West Coast, such as direct routes to Sweden from Oakland ($315), Las Vegas ($370), Los Angeles ($287), and New York for an absolutely outrageous $261 fare

This is of course part of the carrier's low-price strategy, which is sure enough prompting airfares from the US to Europe to crater across the industry. Naturally, though, there's a catch: Norwegian charges you for checking bags, choosing a seat, and doesn't serve meals. But when you're literally spending under $300 to fly to Europe roundtrip, you'd be hard-pressed to consider that a problem. 

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