Hurry, You Can Fly to Europe for Just $225

Cheap Flights to Sweden

'Tis the season for cheap tickets and once again Norwegian is indulging your desire to fly from the U.S. to Europe for the price of New York to Chicago. 

Though their holiday sale isn't providing an avalanche of cheap seats any longer, there are still some good deals, like taking the long flight from San Francisco to Stockholm for just $240 or just $225 from New York City to Stockholm.

cheap flights to Sweden

As you can see in the calendar above, there are some variations on a $270 flight available through Norwegian's Low Fare Calendar for the trip between Oakland/SanFrancisco and Stockholm. But, as highlighted by The Flight Deal, if you purchase your tickets in Swedish Krona you can save $30 on your tickets at the current exchange rate. As long as you have a credit or debit card that doesn't charge for exchange fees, that's a nice trick to make this an even more affordable flight. 

There are a handful of date combinations in January and February where you can get round-trip tickets for at this price.

cheap flights to Sweden

These low prices are available from many locations. As you see on this calendar, you can get even cheaper tickets flying out of New York (and can lower that to just $225 by purchasing in Swedish Krona). There are also tickets starting at $319.40 from Los Angeles and Las Vegas, $372.50 from Boston, and $374.60 from Fort Lauderdale.

As always, prices change quickly, so get the tickets soon if you want them. Also, note Norwegian is a budget airline that can charge for all the little amenities that don't involve going to the bathroom. To really make it a cheap trip you'll have to do a carry-on only.

Flying light is a good exercise. You've been carrying around that sweet leather-wrapped rock for a while now and it's probably time you leave it at home for a few days.

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